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Pre-Teen & Teen Make-up Beauty Session


Pre-Teen & Teen Beauty Session      


Mothers are everywhere are becoming increasingly aware of their young Daughters ( not yet Teenagers but no longer Children)  interest in experimenting with various Makeup Products .But, before they are allowed to wear even simple products like a touch of lip gloss or a dusting of blush it is vital they learn how to first care for their skin.

Due to the harshness of our weather conditions,sports, and ect,  it is now becoming increasingly important that this age group create a skin care routine that they can set forth to do for the rest of their lives.


During this 90 minute session the following will be taught...

Skin Care - Cleansing & Moisturing

Gentle Exfoliating

Gentle Masks

Lip Care

Importance of Sun Screen

Full Makeup  Lesson, using age appropiate products and age appropiate techniques.Importance of having your own brushes and cleaning them.


When a girls reaches this age, life throws her curves. Now more than ever young girls need to know how to dress their body attractively yet appropiately for their age.We will also cover Health & Hygiene along will body care and Hair care.


This session can be taught in a group setting or one-on-one.

Fee- $60


Please contact us for more details


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