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Teenage-Adult Make-Up Session

This hands-on session is designed for 13 years of and up. During this fun, exciting and educational session you will receive practical and vital skin care advice, tailor made Make-up lesson suitable for you as an individual!!


This session is designed to give you a chance to gain an understanding of what's involved and is tailor-made step by step for young women 13 years and up who would like to either pursue a career in the Beauty or Make-up or just to gain the knowledge to better their own application.


 During this 90minute session, the following will be taught...

Introductory to the world of Beauty & Make-up Artistry                            

The importance of Hygiene & Cleaning Kowledge

Knowledge of the skin & Skin Types & Conditions

Cleansers, toners, moisturisers, eye & lip balm

What you should have in your make-up kit 

Make-up expiry dates

Tools of the trade,their uses and how to clean them

Concealer, foundation, Powder. Bronzer & blusher = creating your canvas 

Lip Products, pencils Lipsticks & Glosses

 Step by step eye & face make-up Application


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